New Website & other changes...

Sunday, 22 July 2012 00:00

As you can see my website and for that matter my domain named has completely changed. Why is that ?

The evolution of  Those of you who have followed Mark's work from the beginning will have know his primary subject was ...and always will be wildlife. Initially it was strictly Canadian wildlife hence the website which is being blended into this new site. However from early beginning when people wanted to see more of his work and Mark created "" Mark had not anticipated that his travels and wildlife subjects would expand much beyond the Canadian borders. Since those early days in 2007 onwards Mark has become more and more devoted to his photography which is one of his two passions in life, the other being the art of falconry. As a result his portfolio is expanding and it was time to encompass his Canadian wildlife work into this newest website you are visiting today.

Then and now.  From early beginnings as an amateur wildlife photographer Mark's work has expanded from the Canadian borders to include wildlife from all over the world including Galapagos, Amazon Africa, Alaska, Ecuador, Europe and the UAE. No longer strictly Canadian wildlife photography, Mark's work has expanded to include other photographic disciplines. His portfolio and indeed photographic services have expanded to include indoor / outdoor sporting events and other outdoor activities such as rodeos, field sports and company golf tournaments. Hence the new website:

The future.  No one can predict the future but Mark intends to expand upon other photographic opportunities and none wildlife portfolio. Mark also anticipates more travel will be part of any future plans and rest assured he will be off with camera in hand.

Recent News

  • Here's a few from the other day May 15, 2013
    Here's a few from the other day

    It's been a long winter and no trips photographing abroad the first 4 months of this year so I made up for it recently with a visit to Dubai and a 10 day tour of the UAE. 

  • New Website & other changes... July 22, 2012

    As you can see my website and for that matter my domain named has completely changed. Why is that ?