Wildlife Photography

Gyrkin Hitting Sharptail Grouse

Great Rabbiting Team

Casting Off

Gyr coming to Land on the glove

Big sky hawking country

Peregrine coming to land


Arabian Falconers

A Steady Point

Gyrkin With Pintail Duck

Loads of Potential

Gyrfalcon Being Released

Gyr Barbary Tiercel with Partridge

Tiercel anatum and hun

Coal and Sharptail

Josef Hiebeler

High Achiever

Coal and Grouse

Austrian Eagle Falconer

Ed Pitcher Casting Off

Falconry On the Canadian Prairies

Peregrine Falcon

Winter Hawking in A Blizzard

Gyrkin Launching off

The "Backpack" telemetry mount

Monty's Last Day

A good winters morning hawking

Passage Tiercel Peregrine

Casting Off

A Brace A Day

Hawking at -35°c

Austrian Female Eagle Falconer

A Great Team On A Good Day

Goshawk Chasing a Magpie

Robert Bagley & Ed Pitcher

A perfect match

Steve Chindgren

Siberian Gos On Brown Hare

Pointer on solid point

Gyr peregrine hitting sharptail frame #2

Peregrine And Gyr Peregrine Hero Shot

End of a good day

Golden Eagle Chasing Jackrabbit

Peregrine in Stoop

Fresh Caught

A Successful Team

A Brace Day

Gyr peregrine hitting sharptail #3

Hubert Quade