Wildlife Photography

A good winters morning hawking

The "Backpack" telemetry mount

Golden Eagle Chasing Jackrabbit

A Successful Team

Hubert Quade

Casting Off

Josef Hiebeler

Gyr Barbary Tiercel with Partridge

Robert Bagley & Ed Pitcher

Hawking at -35°c

Coal and Sharptail

Winter Hawking in A Blizzard

Goshawk Chasing a Magpie

Falconry On the Canadian Prairies

Austrian Eagle Falconer

A Brace A Day

Loads of Potential

Coal and Grouse

Peregrine coming to land

Gyrkin With Pintail Duck

Passage Tiercel Peregrine

Peregrine in Stoop

Gyrkin Hitting Sharptail Grouse

End of a good day

Gyrfalcon Being Released

Gyr peregrine hitting sharptail #3

Gyr coming to Land on the glove

Peregrine And Gyr Peregrine Hero Shot

Monty's Last Day

Gyrkin Launching off

Tiercel anatum and hun

A Great Team On A Good Day

Austrian Female Eagle Falconer

Big sky hawking country

Gyr peregrine hitting sharptail frame #2


Siberian Gos On Brown Hare

Fresh Caught

High Achiever

A perfect match

A Steady Point

Peregrine Falcon

Casting Off

A Brace Day

Steve Chindgren

Pointer on solid point

Great Rabbiting Team

Ed Pitcher Casting Off

Arabian Falconers