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In spite of the poor cloudy and sometimes drizzling rainy day today I slipped out to photo some prairie falcons with young and had a productive outing coming one step closer to my goal of photographing parents feeding young at the nest site..... 

Just got back from a week in southern California near the small town of Mission just north of San Diego. I had planned to do a bit of wildlife photography but little did I know what treat was in store...

Prairie Falcons

on May 23, 2013

Fresh back from the Arabian desert plains of the UAE I thought i'd make a trip south to our own more arid area south of home to find nesting prairie falcons. I was not to be disappointed although I did not stay long with them today as I find that they are at a sensitive time in their nesting period.....

Dubai - UAE

on May 20, 2013

My first big trip of 2013 takes me away to Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emerites) and there is truly nothing like it elsewhere in the world. The uniqueness of Dubai is not down to the shear wealth exhibited there but also the huge cultural variation of it's population. Originally a fishing and pearl community Dubai has changed and grown dramatically in the past couple of decades or so. Being situated on the Arabian coast with it's white sandy beaches and incredible ocean based recreational activities this is also seen as a vacation destination for many Europeans. Further inland you have anything from horse racing, falconry and camel racing activities and of course the city itself with it's huge shopping Malls, the most noted of which is the Dubai Mall at the bese of the worlds tallest building. This is the premier destination of the UAE with top retail outlets from every corner of the globe exhibiting there. There is truly is more to Dubai and the UAE than meets the eye.

Spring is a great time to find birds fresh back from their migration and usually in their colourful breeding plumage. Once back and quickly re-nourished, they waste little time in courtship and breeding, which in turn presents some great photographic opportunities as they become so pre-occupied with this ritual ...than paying attention to my presence.

It's been a long winter and i've had this hankering to head south and photo some desert critters (since it is one of the items on my bucket list) and so i jumped at the opportunity offered by my friend Bruce Taubert in Arizona whom I recently hosted up here in our frozen North to photograph Snowy Owls. Bruce has lived around Phoenix area for many years and aside from being an amazing photographer specializing in remote sensor photography, he has a real good handle on his local flora and fauna. Thanks to his help I was able to locate and capture some great images of his local critters. 

Wood Ducks

on April 06, 2013

These little ducks are some of our more colourful if not stunning ducks and one of my personal favourite next to the elegant pintail. Finding them is the trick though as their name indicates, they do like to frequent the wooded areas with small shallow ponds. They are one o fthe few ducks equipped with strong claws to grip tree bark and branches since they nest in small holes in trees high above the ground. 

Northern Hawk Owls

on March 31, 2013

These unique little predators really are not only shaped more like a hawk than an owl but they certainly demonstrate more hawk like personality in their tenacity and indeed aggression towards hunting.

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