Mark Williams - Photographer

Born in the UK, Mark immigrated to Canada with his family in 1991 primarily for the greater opportunities Canada provides for his family and his love of outdoor pursuits. More recently Mark and his wife accepted an opportunity and moved to Dubai in the UAE where he is using it as a base for future photography travel destinations.

As a keen outdoorsman and having always had an interest in photography, for which he is self taught, Mark rekindled his passion for photography during his primary outdoor activity as a licensed falconer and the desire to capture some of the sights and scenes of the natural dramas he witnesses each day. Although always having been an ethical hunter and conservationist, in recent years Mark has taken to carrying his camera instead of his bow or rifle into the field. Mark realized that for the most dynamic experiences in experiencing what goes on in the wild could be found through photography. Those skills learned as a hunter now serves to help him when out with his camera and he is motivated by that fact that one single moment, that may never be repeated, can be captured and frozen in time for us all to explore and uncover in detail again and again.  However Mark takes a holistic approach to photography and he recognize the fine balance between wanting to get that perfect image and a sincere desire to not impact negatively upon the subject he is attempting to capture. 

Mark's work has been published in several books, calendars and countless magazine articles, including Alberta Bird Atlas, Birders World, American Falconry Magazine, International Falconer Magazine, North American Falconry Association, Y2K Falconry by Pete Smith, Sky Hunters by Hossein Amirsadeghi, Dessert Hawking IV by Harry McElroy and Falconry - Celebrating a Living Heritage, by Dr. Javier Ceballos Aranda and Patrick Morel's "Falconry".

More recently Mark has started to submit his work in various competitions. In 2010 he was one of the finalists of Canadian National Geographic, Wildlife Photographer of the Year where he was awarded an Honourable Mention for his entry of sharptail grouse fighting on the breeding lek. In 2011 Mark won a trip to Abu Dhabi in the UAE for an image of a wild snowy owl in flight. Since accepting an assignment and moving Dubai in the UAE, Mark has already taken advantage of his new geographic base for new photo travel destinations on that side of the globe.



My Advantages

  • 1 Professionalism

    Mark provides a professional service for his clients and brings with him decades of experience in the customer service industry. He pays great attention to detail and delivers on what he promises and wants his customers to be completely satisfied. It's that simple !

  • 2 Easy to Work With

    Mark's dedication to his work and great sense of humour adds to the overall client experience.

  • 3 Experience

    Few Wildlife Photographers have a deeper understanding of their wildlife subject than Mark and in particular when it comes to birds of prey. As a hunter in the past Mark has gained a greater understanding of his subjects and having spent most of his life outdoors, with that comes experience that can't be learned in a classroom.

My Latest Works