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Welcome To Wildlife Photographer Mark Williams Website!

Welcome to Mark Williams's website. Recently relocated to Dubai, UAE, Mark's favourite subject is wildlife and he specializes in birds in flight.  While this website remains "a work in progress" we hope you are easily able to navigate within and view various photo subjects and perhaps visit his blog. As Mark's photography expands to global photographic subjects he is working on the update and transformation of the site from it's early inception as Almost weekly in his blog there are new images of owls, hawk, falcons, eagles, waterfowl, bear, deer, moose and including African, Alaskan and other more exotic wildlife species are being uploaded. 

Over the many years Mark has enjoyed exploring the great outdoors and he has come to realize that the most dynamic experiences in nature could be found through photography. he also believes that if people feel a connection to their environment, that they will care about preserving it. He hopes that through his photography he might help others feel connected and make a difference. His skills and knowledge of animal behaviour previously learned as a hunter now serves to help him when out with his camera and he is motivated by that fact that one single moment, that may never be repeated, can be captured and frozen in time for us all to explore and uncover in detail again and again.  Three years ago Mark accepted an opportunity that saw him based in Dubai in the UAE and since then he has used this as a base for further photo travel destinations on that side of the globe. South Africa, Maldives, Madagascar and Sri Lanka are just a few places he has visited and in time those images will be uploaded. Within this website you will find a collection of images for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment. if so inclined, you are able to order and purchase any image displayed in a variety of different sizes by contacting Mark.


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  • Here's a few from the other day May 15, 2013
    Here's a few from the other day

    It's been a long winter and no trips photographing abroad the first 4 months of this year so I made up for it recently with a visit to Dubai and a 10 day tour of the UAE. 

  • New Website & other changes... July 22, 2012

    As you can see my website and for that matter my domain named has completely changed. Why is that ?